Glasgow Roof Types

We know you are thinking that this is supposed to be a guide to Glasgow roof repairs, and it is. But before we go into repairing roofs, we thought a good place to start would be to identify the most common roof types and the materials they are built with.

There are many types of roofs, and each roof shape has many variations. Below we list some of the most common roof types, together with their properties and advantages.

Our roof repairs team in Glasgow can repair all roof types. From tiled and slate roofs to leak detections in flat roofs and rubber roofs. We can help you repair your Glasgow roof today.

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Because they fit with many different building types, a gable roof is still one of the most popular roof types in the UK today. Basically, a gable roof is the combination of two roof planes which form the shape of an inverted V.

The roof planes are inclined at an angle of at least 15 degrees and this roof type requires two gutters.

Advantages: Quite windproof with good drainage of rainwater.

Gable Roof Glasgow


A hip roof has two trapezoidal roof planes on the long side and two triangular roof planes on the short side and is an adjusted gable roof. This roof shape is often seen on top of older buildings and farms.

A hip roof is well-protected against wind gusts because of its aerodynamic shape and is one of the more difficult roof types to construct. A roof gutter is needed on every side of the roof.

Advantages: Good wind resistant with a traditional look.

Hip Roof Glasgow


Named after the French architect Francois Mansart, a mansard roof is a gable roof with bent roof planes and is also known as a curb roof or French roof.

There are different varieties of these roof type and as the bottom planes are steeper than the upper planes, the space below the roof is bigger than with a gable roof.

Advantages:  It has a classical look with quite a lot of space underneath the roof.

Mansard Roof Glasgow


Flat roofs are frequently found on modern urban houses and garages and are covered in a variety of materials such as rubber roofing (EPDM), fibreglass roofing (GRP), felt roofing and others.

A flat roof consists of one horizontal roof plane with a very low angle of incline. In cases of slopes of 15 degrees or more, this would be referred to as a ‘pent roof’ or a ‘lean-to’ roof.

Advantages: Simple construction and not sensitive to wind.

Gable Roof Glasgow


This type of roof construction is one of the simplest and is made of one roof plane applied under an angle of at least 15 degrees. The type of roofing material (tiles, slates, corrugated roofing etc) depends on the angle of inclination of this mono-pitched roof.

So, basically one side of the roof is quite high sloping to the other side which is rather low, and it can often be seen on garden houses or green houses as well.

Advantages: Quite a lot of space underneath the roof with only one side requiring a gutter. Windows can be installed on the other side.

Pent Roof Glasgow


This roof consists of two lean-to roofs which are not positioned symmetrically. The roof planes are positioned at a different height, resulting in a vertical opening which can function as a light source.

Advantages: The vertical opening can be used as an extra light facility at one side creating a modern appearance.

Skillion Roof Glasgow


A tented roof, also called a pavilion roof or a pyramid hip roof, consists of at least four triangular roof planes that come together in the roof ridge. The size of the roof planes may differ, because of which, several roof shapes are possible.

Due to the steep roof planes, the space underneath a tented roof is quite small.

Tented Roof Glasgow

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